We provide the voice and support for parents and teenagers who might need some extra support. We are here to help parents understand their teens, and help them make changes in their Teens lives. We also assist young parents who are wanting to be better equipped in raising healthy teenagers.

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When you look throughout human history, parents always had the support of the “village” to raise their children. There was always someone to talk to and ask guidance and assistance from. The children had adults that had the time to spend with them, telling them stories, explaining things and just being there. Today that is no longer available to us. We have to make do with the few moments we have after our responsibilities such as work, home duties, study, family and other responsibilities to be there for our children and guide them into a healthy adult life.


We were never given a manual on how to raise our children and as such each of us tries our best to do this most difficult job. However as we all know we can all use more skills and knowledge and that is why we are here. We are not a parenting program “telling you where you went wrong”. We believe that parents who seek more information and knowledge in how to help their teenagers grow into well functioning, healthy and happy adults are great parents already but want to give their children the best possible start in adult life.

We have a number of services that can help you as a parent make a difference in your teenager’s life. We have a 1-day “Summit of Change” awareness workshop. To find out more click here.The Change Summit


We also help anyone who wants to become more successful in their Personal, Professional and Relationship life through our 2-day “Power to Influence Master Class”. Influencing change in others can only happen if you first change yourself. But you need to learn what you need to change. You see, your mind has been developing and learning since you were born. Your brain neurons have a set path that they will follow when they are activated (like driving a car, it becomes automatic and unconscious). So you will find that you will act or react in a particular pattern. Changing these neurological patterns requires understanding and dedication. Don’t be fooled by those quick fixes that promise you the world in 1 day. Lasting change requires understanding, focus and determination, which you can get through our programs. Find out more here.


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